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3 Natural Ways To Decrease Bad Cholesterol

By: Joe Dungait

It now appears that more and more people are looking to use natural ways to decrease bad cholesterol rather than use medications such as statins. And it's of no surprise really, when you consider all of the side effects that are linked with statins you have to wonder which is the most dangerous to your health the statin medication or the high cholesterol levels.

One thing to bear in mind when we look at natural ways to decrease bad cholesterol is the fact that we do not want to totally eliminate it, because the bad cholesterol (LDL) actually plays an important part in our body functions, and if we were to totally eliminate it or even make the levels too low then this would have a negative effect on our health In addition to that as well as decreasing the bad cholesterol we also want to ensure that we have high levels of the good cholesterol (HDL), and it is getting this balance right that is so important when we look at natural ways to decrease bad cholesterol.

3 Natural Ways To Decrease Bad Cholesterol:-

  1. Eliminate bad fats - Originally it was thought that both trans fats and saturated fats increased bad cholesterol levels, however it is now thought that saturated fats are not in fact as bad a culprit as originally thought; trans fats on the other hand are. Trans fats are created when vegetable oil is solidified and they are very popular in certain foods such as chocolate and cookies because they actually extend the shelf life of the product and they are cheap to make. You want to avoid these kinds of fats at all costs because they are going to increase your LDL and decrease your HDL and this is the polar opposite of what we are trying to achieve.
  2. Eat more vegetables - Vegetables have a substance within them called phytosterol's and this substance appears to the gastrointestinal tract to look just like cholesterol particles. What this means is that rather than the body absorbing cholesterol it actually absorbs the phytosterols instead leaving the cholesterol to be turned into bile salts and then excreted from the body.
  3. Eat foods containing soluble fiber - Eating food containing soluble fiber is one of the best natural ways to decrease bad cholesterol. Soluble fiber, which is often found in foods such as oats, mixes with the cholesterol and sticks to it, and again rather than cholesterol being absorbed it is excreted from the body. A good source of oats is porridge, so having a bowl of porridge for breakfast will help to decrease your bad cholesterol.

These are just three natural ways to decrease bad cholesterol, there are others one of which is the use of supplements. The problem with supplement is that there are that many different types, all of which can do a job, that it becomes hard knowing which is the right one to choose. From my research I have discovered that the best kind is blended supplements because they help you control your cholesterol naturally in many different ways.

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