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10 Tips On How To Keep A Customer For Life

By: Jenny F Banks

-Establishing contact with customers is a vital part of any companies success. The ability to maintain a welcoming environment involves a combination of the physical environment and the way the staff members communicate with the customers.

-Make sure you acknowledge and greet your customers within 3-4 seconds, as this is how long it takes for them to make a first impression on you and your business.

-Greet your customers with a smile and a hello; this will make a huge impact on the rest of your service. If a customer is not acknowledged and does not feel welcome they will leave the business and go elsewhere.

-Keep in mind the quality of customer service can never outweigh the quality of the people who provide it. By making sure you keep those who work for you happy will ultimately improve the quality of service and experience your customers have.

-Treat your customers and staff how you would like to be treated; its an easy principle.

-Remember that your employees take their cue directly from management. If you the employer do not set the service standard expected by leading by example, do not expect your staff to. Don't just tell them how show them how. Walk the talk. Customers will notice every time.

-Try to remember your regular customers; welcome them back make small talk of how are they, what have they been up to? This builds rapport and makes them feel special, use their name. Their regular attendance pays your wages. Treat them with the respect they deserve. You will keep them happy and returning to your business.

- Go out of your way for your customer, if they are after something specific, do everything you can to get their needs met. For example if a customer wants a specific product and you don't have any left, make the effort to track one down from the warehouse or another store. They will be really impressed and happy with the excellent service they have received and will return to your business again.

-Train your staff in proper customer handling procedures so everyone in the business is consistently providing the same high standard of service. All Staff need to be trained how to handle difficult situations. As this will add an overall good impression of the customer service your business provides.

-When you are hiring staff for your business you want to make sure you are employing people who can fit in with your customer service standards. Someone who can is not afraid to talk openly, smile, and be approachable. The mistake some companies make is hiring people because they are desperate. In turn employ people who are not suited for the customer service industry, which in turn will hurt your business and reputation.

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