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Group Text Messaging For Everyone On The Church Staff

By: Eric Bigoness

Group text messaging is a great tool for churches of all sizes. If you have ever tried to do this from a cell phone, you know that it is not easily done. Instead there are services that offer group texting or bulk SMS. (SMS stands for Short Message Service and is a technical word that generally means text message.)

Generally speaking, churches tend to be behind the curve when it comes to technology. I am not sure why this is, but one way to help push the Church forward is by embracing the fact that text messaging is a popular and reliable avenue of communication. With this in mind, let me suggest a few areas where it may be beneficial from the perspective of typical church staff positions.

Group text messaging could be a wonderful and natural avenue of communication for the church. There are many benefits and churches across the United States have already begun to reap the rewards.

A word of caution: There are some services with extremely low rates, offering unlimited texting or even advertising free services. Many of these texting services do not use SMS gateways and rely on email-to-text conversions which are unreliable and generally restricted by cell phone carriers to very small groups.

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