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About White Pages Online

By: Syndy Estell

One of the most widely used resources on the internet for people searches is the phonebook. Find out how you can use it to find and locate people from the following article.

If you want to know more about white pages online then do read on and learn more about how to use them to search for people. Even before the idea of online people searches was introduced the telephone directory was already being used to look for and find people. It; being available in electronic form and online means searches are now easier and faster.

The first option that you come across when using the phonebook is the find people search. This search allows you to search for people based on their name. For the first name you can use an initial or the full name but the surname must be full. You can also narrow down the search by selecting to search through particular states or cities. The results of this search are normally an address and a phone number.

Another thing about white pages online, you can also carry out reverse searches as well. You can reverse search an address or a phone number. A reverse search is when you searching using a certain contact detail to try and find out who it belongs to. When searching the address or the phone number; you need to make sure that you enter the numbers in the recommended format. Area codes and zip codes should be accurate.

When using the white pages you have the option if becoming a member of the white pages. This has its advantages as you can access some services which are not available when carrying a general search. You can also search for unlisted numbers as a member. This is just background info about white pages online.

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