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Speed Reading Tactics For The Everyday Person Like You

By: Vincent Collaso

The best speed reading tactics are the ones that ease you into the skill of speed reading without your even realizing that your actual speed is increasing! I once read under 300 words per minute (wpm), and I often reread certain sentences that I either missed the meaning of or missed some key details of.

Something had to change!

In my line of work, I had to increase my reading speed in order to:

* spend less time reading;

* get more from what I was reading quicker than before;

* read more material.

Also, in addition to knowing how to read better and faster, I also had to learn how to increase my comprehension as well as read speed.

Here are a couple of speed reading tactics to help increase your reading comprehension as well as reading speed:

* use a finger or pencil to "lead" your eyes farther along the sentence. Bounce your finger or pencil under every 3-4 words, like a bouncing ball in a sing along song. This trains your eyes to move faster and scan the words quicker. Once you get better and faster, lead yourself line by line.

* we read like children: we read one. word. at. a. time. Instead of one word at a time. Be more conscious of this, as your mind is very able to read faster than this turtle-like reading style.

Love of reading is fast becoming a lost art today, and more people would rather watch video or be read to than read a simple sentence on their own!

Knowledge is indeed power! One great aspect of leadership is intelligence. If you are a leader, your followers just cannot follow you if you know less than they do.

You need to know more than them so that you can share with them the valuable knowledge you have gained. You gain it best by reading. Speed reading tactics simply give you the ability to get more knowledge faster than you have before, allowing you the ability to get even more knowledge!

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