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3 Things You Need To Know About The New 3G Hspa Mobile Broadband Network

By: Mikael Mikkelsen

In this article we will discuss the new 3G HSPA Broadband Network from Bell Canada and TELUS Mobility. There are 3 main points that we will discuss to determine if the new HSPA network is for you and your business.

Bell Canada and TELUS Mobility have upgraded their network to HSPA, it is up and running and you can go to the store today and buy an HSPA device if you feel so inclined.

1. Turn of the Tides:

What that means is that now whatever leg up that Rogers Communications had is now long gone. You no longer need to go to them if you want an iPhone in Canada, you have options. Which really is a breath of fresh air for most Canadian cell phone buyers. It also means that no longer can Bell Canada and TELUS Mobility boast as much as they once did about their old 3g network (which was really nothing spectacular to begin with). All of a sudden we find ourselves on a level playing field. Quite honestly, it looks like for the last year, and the next one to come, the providers will probably do what they have been doing, staring at each other blankly.

2. Lots of HSPA Cell Phones to Choose from:

In Canada, we are pretty used to having a very limited selection of mobile devices. With the new 3G HSPA Broadband Network, we can use many phones from all over the world that we could not before. The benefit is choice, but we also lose any form of quality control, so be careful! Make sure that when you purchase an HSPA device to double check the network as well.

3. Speed & Security

The primary reason behind HSPA is speed and security. More calls can be transferred with less effort and in a more secure environment. If you have a device that uses the new HSPA network, you have an extremely low chance of having your call or any data manipulated. It really puts the speed of your home internet connection in your hands.

The new 3G HSPA Broadband Network is incredibly fast and safe. It gives a little bit of the power back to the consumer for deciding carrier, and gives a huge selection of possible devices. My advice is that next time you upgrade your phone, make sure to get a new HSPA device.

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