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Positive Affirmation - Replacing The Bad With The Good

By: Allan Wilson

By putting off, therefore discarding, letting go, getting rid of certain things in our life and putting on other better things we can experience wonderful change for the better. We need to put off the things that are preventing us from living a fulfilled and happy life and put on (therefore replace them with) the things that will bring true peace and happiness.

One technique is to find a quiet time and visualize the removal of the bad things leaving your mind empty and then replace the emptiness with the good things.

Visualize if you will that you are throwing away each of the following items. Visualize taking them one by one to the rubbish bin, visualize opening the lid of the bin and throwing away each item, visualize closing the lid of the bin and walking away leaving the bad items thrown out of your life.

The Bible in Colossians 3:8 says to put off the following things:

* Anger
* Wrath
* Malice
* Blasphemy
* Filthy communication
* Lies

So let's start with the first one:

Let's throw away our anger. Visualize your anger, any temper, any violent emotion and see yourself walking outside to your rubbish bin. Open the lid of the bin and now throw those items in the rubbish. Take a good long hard stare at that rotten anger that is now in amongst all of your other household rubbish within the bin, take one final look at it and now close the lid of the bin. It is gone. Now visualize yourself walking back inside to where you are now leaving the anger behind.

Repeat that visualization technique slowly and methodically to throw away all of the other items. You will one by one now take to the bin and throw away any wrath, fierceness or indignation you might have. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Now take to the bin all malice, ill will, desire to injure or any thoughts of revenge and get rid of them too. Now for blasphemy, slander, or any type of injurous speaking about someone... that's not who you are.. you don't gossip or run other people down... throw that stuff in the bin too and walk away from it. Now it's time to get rid of filthy communications, foul speaking, obscene speech, take it to the bin and throw it away. Now finally let's get rid off lies... great all that stuff we have now put off. They are in the bin with all the other rubbish, the lid is closed and we have left them behind.

Wow it feels so much better having thrown those things away. Now let's replace them with some really life changing things that will give us happiness. In Colossians 3 the Bible provides some great stuff for us to put on.

* Mercy
* Kindness
* Humility
* Meekness
* Longsuffering
* Forbearance
* Forgiveness
* Charity

So now having thrown away all of the negative stuff let's imagine our minds are now empty and ready to be filled with happiness. Let's start putting on mercy, allow compassion and pity to fill your being. Now let's top that up with kindness, goodness and integrity. It feels good doesn't it?

Now let's put on humility and modesty, meekness, gentleness, mildness. Now let's put on longsuffering, patience, endurance, perseverance with the desire to forbear others, to want to help them, sustain them and hold them up. Now put on forgiveness, charity, affection, good will and brotherly kindness.

Practice throwing away and discarding the things that hold you back and replacing them with the things that make you feel good.

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