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Why You Should Feel Great About Yourself

By: Philip Keller

Feeling great about yourself is the prime mover in all areas of the law of attraction. When you feel great about yourself all other areas of your life seem to fall into place a lot quicker and easier. It is the glue that holds everything together. Sure you still have to work on specific areas of your life, like relationships, money, job/career, business and so forth but these things tend to be so much easier when you feel good about yourself.

So what is it when you feel great about yourself that makes everything come together? Your aura or vibration is positive sharp and more radiant. It is a magnet for other positive things to be attracted to you. You'll find that people and opportunities flow more freely and quickly into your life. You're a magnet for the positive. Let's face it if you feel down on yourself everything is harder. You feel less motivated, problems and challengers seem more difficult and seem to rush at you causing you to feel worse about yourself.

So how do you feel great about yourself? You look for things to be grateful for. Things that make you happy. Things that make you laugh. When you laugh or feel happy or have a sense of gratefulness your energy stream shifts and you radiate a positive energy flow. The more often you do that the less time you spend feeling negative. When you feel great take notice of it and let the sensation radiate through you. Feel it in every part of your body. You don't have to go into a meditative state you just need to notice it and amplify the sensation.

Feeling great about yourself really is the first and most important step in using the law of attraction to help you in your life. Remember the law of attraction is neutral, it gives you what you focus on and give energy to. So use it positively and live a life of abundance and happiness instead of lack and worry. Find things in your life to feel great about each and everyday. Make it a habit.

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