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Can You Save Money With Online Fax?

By: Tina L Douglas

Internet fax services may be able to save businesses a lot of money in the long run. This is partially because they can send each fax more cheaply, and partially because they can save a lot of time. Regular fax machines can take a great deal of time to send a fax. The document must be fed through the machine, and sometimes it causes paper jams. The number must be entered into the machine, and sometimes the recipient's number is busy, and the fax is not sent. Traditional fax machines may have other problems, too. They run out of paper and ink, or they can lose pages or whole fax documents. They may have bad image quality and could be unreadable. Internet fax services can be more reliable and less likely to lose pages and documents, which can also save money. Lost faxes can equate to lost time or even lost business, if the other party never receives your fax.

When you send a fax from a public fax machine, you usually have to pay by the page. This may cost even more if the fax number you wish to fax to is long-distance or international. Public and shared fax machines are also less secure for your documents. Your faxes may sit around in a shared fax machine where anyone could see them or pick them up, which can be a concern if your documents are very sensitive. Online fax services use secure servers and email clients, and no one sees your documents except the people you email or fax these documents to. These services use the internet to send documents, rather than traditional phone lines, which means you don't have to pay long distance charges from the phone company. There is no need to buy a fax line, either. Most services offer virtual lines that you can use to receive documents. Even if they charge for these and have setup fees, they are usually much cheaper than a dedicated fax line or lines from the phone company.

Another way your business can save money using online fax services is by saving time. With traditional fax machines, you have to have access to a fax machine if you wish to receive a fax. With online faxing, you can send and receive faxes anywhere. You can send a fax from any location with your laptop computer, and you can receive and view faxes on your PDA or mobile phone. This can save the time wasted standing in line for a fax machine, and allows you to send and receive faxes on the go, rather than only from the office. It is more secure, since your documents are in your email rather than printed out in a public fax machine. It can send documents much faster than what is normally possible with a traditional fax machine, as well. It can save money spent on ink and paper, and paper that is used to print unwanted faxes.

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