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Altigen Voip Solutions - Driving Roi Through Innovation

By: Pall Musaev

Why Does My Business Need VoIP?

With most major communication networks now operating through internet protocol services, it is imperative for organizations looking to stay competitive and cost-effective to update their communication if they haven't done so since 2004. High-quality, uninterrupted voice service is critical for service providers, and with new technologies emerging to allow companies to better deliver service to their clients, the seamless integration of VoIP communication systems is critical in maintaining a competitive and operational edge. AltiGen VoIP solutions give businesses the ability to leverage wireless, local, long-distance and cable services to enhance their overall communication network as well as add value to their service model. With VoIP, BC businesses can evolve their communication networks to a single voice network that is IMS-ready for video, data and much more.

AltiGen VoIP Network Infrastructure solutions include:

Local VoIP

AltiGen Local VoIP Solution delivers the traditional Class 5 service suite across:

AltiGen VoIP solutions are designed to enable carriers to offer local services, tandem services and enterprise connectivity. Scalable and customized for each organization, AltiGen VoIP solutions help simplify communication networks while providing the infrastructure for advanced voice, data and multimedia services. With AltiGen VoIP local solutions you get support end-office replacement, residential line growth and the delivery of hosted business services.

Wireless VoIP

Wireless is the operational framework of the future. As innovations in cabling networks and wireless technologies evolve, organizations will begin to realize the impact and convenience that wireless communications and VoIP networks provide. AltiGen delivers next-generation solutions that seamlessly migrate existing wireless core networks such as:

To a multi-service, packet-based wireless network. Scalable and simple, AltiGen wireless VoIP solution delivers a comprehensive network that supports accelerated growth and quick and rapid deployment of next generation VoIP services such as 3G.

Long Distance VoIP

AltiGen's long-distance VoIP network solution delivers high-quality voice service suite across a converged, packetized IP network. AltiGen's solution is designed for added business intelligence, enabling organizations to experience full-featured, carrier-grade telephony, data and multimedia services while drastically reducing operating costs.

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