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Father's Day - Reasons To Remember Other Dads

By: Marjorie Bill

Once a year one day a year is set aside to honor our fathers. But what about those who are not our fathers at least not our biological parent? Here are some reasons to honor and remember some other men, other fathers. We get together with our dad on Father's Day, have a cook out and enjoy the dad. But what about all those other Dad's that are alone, this and every other day. The ones long forgotten. They may be separated from their families due to death, or illness or even a long forgotten misunderstanding. They sit alone and lonely wondering what went wrong and sadly sigh and think "Oh well, just another day."

Are there things we can do to make this one day just a little brighter and bring a smile to their mouth? If they are in the hospital or nursing home. Can we stop by and chat a few minutes? Can we ask about their youth or their hobbies and about an earlier life. Will that help? Don't we all like to be noticed and remembered and acknowledged?

How about the widower living alone with his children far away. Why not ask him to join our bbq, or maybe stop by with some goodies before or after your own party. Take some time and get to know this person for who he is and you may find out you have found a friend for life. Share a small piece of your life and your family and you might find you have another family member just waiting for you right in front of your eyes.

What about the young, divorced dad who can't see his kids for whatever reason. Is there a space at your table for him? Can you ask him to join your day. Encourage him to share the day with you and your kids and bring a little sunshine and childrens laughter into his day.

There are so many people who are separated from their families whether it be distance through miles or distance through strife. It seems like such a small thing to share a few hours with you and your family. It takes no more work and no more time to include an additional person at your table. Just imagine if everyone took the initiative to include one more person at their table. The world will be a better place, a happier place, one person at a time.

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