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A Practical Guide To Impressive Business Proposal

By: Lara Hopkins

For most of us writing a business proposal is a tedious and challenging task. The main aim of writing a proposal or an offer letter is to elicit a response from the potential customer and to attract him for accepting the offer made. It is an offer letter which is used for solving the problem of a prospective customer so that he can be convinced of the offer of an enterprise.

An offer letter for any kind of industry has a few main points which are the basics. Before writing a proposal, you should be gathering sufficient information about the topics you will be discussing. Try collecting the information that is factual or contains facts. The facts or authentic and credible examples can support your points that you make in an offer letter. After collecting sufficient information, you can assemble the points in sequence. On the first page, a person can summarize the whole information to be discussed in detail. You can name it as 'Executive Summary' in which you will present your main idea. This helps you in making a proposal reader-friendly. A reader need not to go through the entire proposal in order to make meaning of your offer. A reader can easily get a clear idea of your offer by first going through the 'Executive Summary'. It also saves time and effort of a potential reader.

In a separate section, you can mention the significance or importance of the offer. This is for better understanding of a reader about the offer. In another section, you can give details about the project. This is the main section and this may vary from ten to thousand pages. The length of this portion varies depending on the nature of the topic. Some marketers prefer creating only content without the graphics while others prefer supporting their content with appropriate pictures. The images make the presentation of the text attractive and visually appealing. Then you should mention the budget of the project that might cost the target customer. Organization information is another important section. Lastly, in the conclusion you can give a summary of the main points and your main idea behind writing an offer letter.

Always keep these points in mind while writing a Business Proposal

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