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Are Honey Bees Still A Threat To Your Home?

By: Derek Roach

Reports are out today about a dramatic drop in the honey bee population. This drop in the bee colonies are being called "Colony Collapse Disorder" or sometimes called "Honey Bee Depopulation Syndrome". For the past four years bees have been dying off according to scientists and researchers.

The cause of the decline is still unknown to authorities, but many believe the large use of pesticides in fields and orchards where bees often pollinate the crops is causing the drop. Additionally, the increase of cell phone usage has been blamed for making bees unable to navigate their way back to the hives from the airwave signals the phones emit. Furthermore, there has been strange, bad weather across the United States this winter resulting in a worsened situation for the bees, officials warn.

Honey bees provide a service that a man-made machine has not been able to successfully duplicate; this service is: pollination. About one-third of the food we eat is available to you because of the pollination from honey bees. Some farmers have said they are having a hard time finding enough healthy bees to keep their crops alive. The drop in the bee populations may therefore have a direct effect on the foods your family buys at the grocery store.

If you have a bee swarm around your home, office, or other type of structure, news of the honeybees dying in greater numbers probably does not mean much to you. Honeybees are still found in large numbers across most of Southern California and the insects present a substantial nuisance. In the most serious cases, bees also present a threat to public safety by stinging people, particularly those who are allergic to bee stings.

Bee swarms can occupy walls, attics, and other areas of structures and my go undetected for days or weeks. During that time, tens of thousands of bees may establish a colony and start producing honey. Bee hives cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and other structures across the United States each year.

So, while the honeybee population may be in decline, if you have a swarm of bees buzzing around your property or worse yet inside your home, news of the global decline in bees likely is of little consolation. If your house or other structure has been taken over by a bee swarm, you should probably contact your local bee removal specialist.

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