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3 Tips - How To Stop Snoring

By: Dan Smith

Snoring can be so detrimental to a person's sleep and to the quality of sleep of other people who are sharing the same bedroom and house. The value of a good night's sleep should never be underestimated. Unfortunately, if there is a snorer in the house, the other people in the house will lose quality sleep as well. This can seriously lead to problems between family members as they wake up tired and irritable. If this is happening in your household, it may be time to try a few of these tips to see if you can reduce, or even stop your snoring.

Tip 1: Don't sleep in your back

Many people who sleep on their backs snore. This is because the fatty tissue in their throat relaxes, which in turn limits their airways. The snoring that can be heard is the air trying to force its way through a much smaller passage. If the snorer can try sleeping on their side, then they may be able to decrease their snoring. There are specific pillows on the market designed to help snorers sleep in the correct position. A simple method to test this theory out first, is to have the person roll onto their side and push a large pillow into their back so that if they do try to roll back during the night, they will be limited by the pillow there.

Tip 2: Monitor diet and allergies

Often snoring is caused by an allergy or reaction to something in the environment, or a specific food. Some of the main contributors include dust, cigarette smoke and pets. Allergic reactions can promote snoring. If this is the case, then the things that the person is allergic to should be removed from their environment.

If there is any suspicion that something in a person's diet may be the cause of excessive snoring, then their diet should be monitored and observations noted. If something arises as being the possible culprit, remove that food from their diet to see if helps.

Tip 3: Try some of the inexpensive solutions first.

There are a lot of how to stop remedies in the market but before you try one of them check first what cause your snoring. There are quite a few non-invasive and inexpensive products available. There are various items available such as chin straps which help hold the jaw in an efficient breathing position. There are also adhesive strips which are used to hold the nasal passages open.

Also a mouth guard which prevents the soft throat tissue from collapsing and blocking the airway.

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