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12 Great Tips On How To Water Down Your Water Usage To Save Money

By: Jackie A De Burca

It may seem like a drop in the ocean compared to costs like mortgage repayments, but depending on where you live water bills can add up to a pretty penny. To save money on water bills firstly consider installing a water meter.

In some homes water meters can save 100s off the bills however in others they may even add on a bit, so before making this choice you need to evaluate which category your house fits into. As a general guideline, a big house with a small amount of occupants should save money by having a water meter installed, whereas a small house with a big family are unlikely to save money.

Apart from saving money when you decide to find ways to conserve water you are also being kinder to the environment. Here are quite a few tips to help you save water use and therefore save money.

1. For those of us with the need to shave, fill up the sink with water and rinse the razor there.

2. We all need to wash our teeth, so get into the habit of wetting your tooth brush and fill a glass for mouth rinsing.

3. Hopefully we all take showers..but many of us like to hang there as it is a nice feeling, but if you half your shower time this can be a great saver.

4. For drinking water keep a bottle of water in the fridge as this will save the water that is wasted when we run a tap until it is refreshingly cold enough.

5. When cleaning vegetables don't leave the faucet running, instead rinse them in a sink full of water.

6. If you hand wash dishes then don't leave the water running for rinsing. If you have a double basin one side can contain the soapy water and the other the rinse water.

7. When using a dish washer make sure it is fully loaded before use.

8. The same applies to washing clothes, always put on a full load.

9. Water pipes can be inexpensively insulated which means you will get hot water faster leading to less waste.

10. Check if the toilets around the house have any leaks. You can do this by putting food colouring in the tank, and if within about half an hour the colour starts to appear in the toilet bowl then you have a leak that needs fixing.

11. Also check pipes and faucet for leaks.

12. This last one may seem funny but to cut down on water wastage you can get two plastic bottles, put an inch or two of pebbles or sand inside for weight, then place them in the toilet tank-this can save ten plus gallons of water every day. You need to place them away from the operating mechanisms.

Enjoy saving money and water!

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