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5 Excellent Reasons Small Businesses Should Implement An Employee Motivation Program

By: Jeffery Williams

An employee motivation program is intentionally designed to give rewards that will encourage your employees to perform their jobs better. It goes beyond basic compensation and includes incentives that your employees will value.

Ever imagine that maybe you could successfully implement an employee motivation program that is within your budget?

That thought has occurred to many small business owners. Some have even acted upon it. Most just think about it for a while, then dismiss the thought because they underestimate the potential benefits of a planned motivation program. Sometimes it's because they have got too many other concerns to get going.

Let's face facts, "It is difficult running a business".

Other times it is because it is a big unknown. Sometimes they forego taking the initiative to install a program simply because they feel that they can't do it.

Wait a second!

Are those really valid reasons?

Did you really examine the positive side?

The negatives were covered all right, but why not consider the positives?

Before we let the negatives rule, the positives deserve a fair hearing. Let's examine 5 positive reasons in favor of trying to implement an employee motivation program to see which ones ring true.

First, it will inspire company loyalty and reduce employee turnover.

I understand fully your objection regarding everyone should be happy with good pay and benefits. Especially in these tough economic times they should be thankful to be working.

Certainly that is a valid objection.

However you need to consider your competition may also offer good pay and benefits. What will set your business apart from the rest?.

In addition, think about that your business has already invested a lot of time and energy in recruiting and training your employees. Why not give them additional reasons to stay?

Second, it improves communication and co-operation between team members.

The chief reason behind that could be the common desire to be rewarded. Whether rewards are individual or team, people will share ideas and help each other..

As well as employees will discover creative ways to accomplish the tasks that will be rewarded. Once identified, your business benefits from these discoveries not only in the short term but in the long-term.

Third, it improves employee productivity.

If your motivation program is structured correctly, it will increase the reward based upon the significance of the accomplishment and the number of improvements. Every bit of recognition will create enthusiasm to find and implement other new techniques.

As well as rewards and recognition are contagious.

If an employee sees a peer get a reward, then they want one as well. This is especially true when the reward is a favorite gift like an umbrella, tool kit, or something the employee can use. They will brag about it to everyone and that will inspire their peers to work to get one!

Fourth, it helps identify high potential performers.

You will discover talents that you never knew existed. You could then start assigning more tasks to these people and spend additional time on their career development.

And Fifth, your company brand will expand.

When employees show their award to their families, friends, and neighbors, they will brag about your company. If you are smart you will make sure any gift has you company logo and slogan imprinted on it.

All of the above info provides a pretty good group of reasons in favor of implementing an employee motivation program. You can find a number of excellent companies who will help you develop an employee motivation program to meet your budget.

Why not start planning one today?

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