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Current Trends In Autism Treatment

By: Jeff Ryder

Autism affects approximately 1 in every 110 children and approximately 1 out of every 70 boys. Over the years, autism has started to become a fairly common illness as more and more children are starting to become affected. Autism is usually recognized by the age of three. Each case of autism is unique, as some are more severe than others.

Fortunately, there are a number of autism books and treatments that can help children and families learn to cope with the illness. One treatment that a lot of families find to be effective is speech therapy. A lot of individuals may be skeptical when it comes to speech therapy and autism because they believe that a speech therapist can only help people who do not know how to pronounce words. Autistic children know how to pronounce words, but need some assistance in what to say and when to say it. Speech therapy can also help autistic children learn to carry on a conversation while understanding the meaning of the words being used.

Social skills therapy is another more effective way to help children learn to cope with autism and lead normal lives. The most obvious and prominent complication in children with autism is their inability to interact and communicate clearly and effectively with others. Because they have little knowledge of exactly what is going on in a social situation, they are limited to what they can say and do. Oftentimes, children with autism might end up saying or doing inappropriate things that may offend others because of their limited ability to understand the basics of a social setting. Social skills therapy is taught by therapists who specialize in treating autistic children, studied a number of autism books, and who have the necessary skills to help the child interact appropriately.

A number of activities are used by therapists who specialize in social skills therapy to help the child understand what to do and what to say around other children and adults. For example, in order for a child to learn how he must act around other children, he will be placed in a situation where he feels comfortable, but will also be provided with a challenge and where he can be taught, such as on a playing field with other children who are playing a game of ball. Social skills therapy also focuses on helping the child learn to maintain and understand the importance of eye contact. The therapist will also teach the child the importance of body language and how to identify what it means in a social situation.

A lot of parents choose not to place their children in therapy, but would much rather read autism books and learn the techniques themselves. Many autistic children do not respond well to therapy, causing parents to have no choice but to attempt to teach the child themselves. Parents who stay home can usually spend more time with their children. However, instead of using nothing but autism books, it's best to make sure the child has interactions with other children.

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