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3 Things Which You Should Not Do During An Interview

By: Anna J. Stewart

The interview is the point at which the first formal face to face contact between the employer and the employee happens. During this time, both the parties try to judge each others' characteristics and also try to verify a few assumptions they have made about the other party.

Given below are 3 points a candidate should not do for making the interview successful.

Don't Go Unprepared

Every interview is unique by itself and no two interviews will have the same or identical requirements. Hence preparing for an interview is a must. Get the details of the interview location correctly and ensure that you know how to reach there in time. Make sure you have your correct attire available and in good condition.

Read the invitation letter properly to ensure that you comply with all conditions mentioned there. If you have to carry some documents or certificates, make sure that you have copies available with you, which can be handed over if needed. If the advance confirmation is required do it well in time.

If it is a technical interview, ensure that you are thorough with the subject. Understand the job requirements and ensure that you collect enough information about your future company.

Don't Lie

Giving false information either in the resume or during the interview is to be avoided totally. You are not expected to know everything and it is much better to admit your ignorance rather than pretend to know everything and get caught later.

While it may be possible to bluff your way through in some cases, more often than not you will get caught either during the interview or during the background verification. The experiences and the assignments mentioned in the resume should be correct and wherever possible you should provide backup with references.

Don't Ask Irrelevant Questions

At some point of time in an interview you will get an opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer. This is a golden opportunity for you to clear all your doubts regarding the job conditions, opportunities in the company, selection procedure, future expansion plans, training and anything and everything you wanted to know.

Don't waste this opportunity by asking irrelevant questions which has no relation with the task at hand.

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