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A Closer Look At The Blackberry Torch 9800

By: Emma Rosher

Blackberry have broken away from their traditional handset with their latest offering, the Torch 9800. And rather than trade the Qwerty keypad for a new touchscreen, they have decided to accommodate both, with the keyboard tucked neatly away beneath the screen.

There is never any need for you to not stay in touch with the world around you thanks to the Blackberry Torch 9800. A host of great connectivity features ensure that whether you are at home, on the move or at work you can always keep up to date. Like the recently released Curve 3G, the phone benefits from 3G coverage. This offers the fastest possible data transfer whilst on the move, meaning updating your Facebook status or checking your e mails need never be a problem. Thanks to this the handset also supports push email notifications, giving you real time updates on any incoming messages. Speaking of the emails, the new inbox allows you to manage up to ten e mail accounts all in the one place. In addition to this in can also handle incoming messages from native social networking applications as well as BBM and SMS text messages. When out of 3G range the phone switches to its quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage, so you are always assured of a good connection. Wireless LAN offers the ultimate experience when signed into a personal network or a publicly available one such as is found in cafes and bars.

The Blackberry Torch benefits from a new touchscreen display, replacing the need for the optical trackpad that is found on previous models. Thanks to the Qwerty keypad being a slider design, the screen size is also much greater at 3.2". Showing an HVGA resolution, text appears clear despite the screen being a notch or two below other comparable models available. The keypad slides downwards from beneath the screen, adding nearly 4cm in height, but many will see it as a fair trade for the use that the keypad offers. The keypad is the same great quality as you would expect to find on a Blackberry, and the manufacturers have done a good job of keeping its size fairly similar to models such as the 9700, despite this new phone being a slider design.

The Blackberry Torch offers a great balance of looks and functionality. Mainstream phone fans will love the touchscreen but the neat keypad will keep the hardcore Blackberry followers happy.

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