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A Few Ways To Control Your Gym Building Costs

By: Jamie Juice

We all know that there are financial issues all over the country at the moment. Almost anybody that you talk to would say that you have to control your gym and leisure building costs if you are attempting to build your own gym or leisure facility.

It may be one of the most expensive things that you are ever going to be encounter on your journey to building your gym. Your new business should be an extension of you and the last thing you want would be to find yourself running out of money.

One of the best ways to control your budget is to find a specialist design and build company that would sit with you and go through the whole of the gym building project from start to finish and allocate every penny of your budget so there will be no surprises.

With design and build it is the contractor's responsibility to obtain permissions, carry out the design taking into account the clients wishes, agree the budget before the project begins, a fully detailed quotation which ultimately forms part of the contract, along with a programme showing the start and finish dates means in reality- the final cost payable by a client is agreed BEFORE the project goes ahead, therefore there is NO RISK TO THE CLIENT.

It is quite surprising to find out, that if you wanted to have juice bar for example, and that is not looking like you can out of the present budget, funds can be allocated from, for example, the price of the tiling in the changing rooms. Saving a small amount per tile could add up to a significant sum. This will allow you to implement the juice bar and stay in budget.

These type of strategies are implemented throughout the gym design period and allows you to control you building costs with laser point precision.

In the past people have had to go back to the bank to allocate more funding and that is very risky, especially in this environment, as the ease of procuring additional finance is becoming ever more difficult.

When shopping for supplies you can go to the hardware stores and find the products for yourself, or you could use the design and build company to source them for you and bring you samples. This is a major saving as you would be passed on the saving from the enormous buying power that the design and build company has. The price that is allocated will be the price you pay and we all know that building materials prices fluctuate so this is yet again another great way to protect your gym building costs.

Labour costs are very difficult to control, but once again what if you knew what you were paying from the very start would that give you ease of mind.

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