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Car Registrations - Use The Web To Find Those Cherished Number Plates

By: Harry Wilkinson

Car registrations can be tricky business, but once you know a couple of tips you can find those cherished number plates that you are after.

Having number plates for sale isn't a new thing, but the Internet has changed the way that we buy and sell registration numbers. In the past this was solely the preserve of dealers and specialists: now anyone can get involved.

So, if you have a particular car registration number in mind, a good place to start is the search engine. In the past you'd have to come up with the registration number yourself: now you can simply enter a key word and you'll be given a list of numbers that match your interest.

Alternatively if you understand how to construct car registrations out of numbers and letters into the correct format, you can easily search for that one and be given a price quote instantly. Remember, though, that there are limits: the registration year of the car must fit the middle number, for example, if you're using one (e.g. if you wanted AB 10 ABC, your car would need to be a '10 or newer.)

The important thing is to make sure you know all the different types available. Number plates can range from the ultra-pricey one-letter-one-number to affordable and attractive mixes of numbers and letters. Once you've settled on your budget and your requirements you can more easily find what you're looking for.

Cherished plates can be expensive, so another bonus of buying online is that if you're already the owner of a special car registration you can sell the ones you have easily, taking the edge off the potential cost of your desired number.

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