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Abc Of Contractor Liability Insurance

By: Amol Gupta

It is in interest of everyone to take best possible precautions during construction but still there are things which go beyond anyone's control and have financial implication for parties involved. Any kind of construction activity is prone to these unseen liabilities and therefore, we have a Contractor's Liability Insurance plans to cover the risks. It is very important for any contractor to acquire this insurance cover for their projects so that he can assure his clients and stakeholders of easily compensating for damages caused by any accidents on site.

There are various insurance policies available to cover different incidents that may contribute to injuries and damages during the course of a construction projects. Insurance policies not only cover such incidents during the time frame of construction period but may also expand their coverage well beyond the time of the project. This helps contractors to guarantee their clients a greater liability free access to its projects. A good insurance policy would cover and protect the contractor from any financial losses or law suits during or after construction.

Let us be also very clear here on a common misconception with most contractors that contractor's liability insurance would also cover up for any poor workmanship. We need to understand that these policies would only cover up for liabilities caused by the workmanship. Physical injuries to both your employees and other individuals (non-employees) are also generally covered by most of these policies.

It is very important for you as a contractor to know and understand about liability insurance for contractors so that you exactly know what risks can be covered by it and what occurrences won't get any cover. Wherever possible you can take advice of professionals in this field. Meeting Insurance agents of different companies or free lancers would further give you detailed insight on this.

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