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5 Questions For Your Wireless Internet Service

By: Jason Tandle

How often do you find yourself wishing the features of the latest wireless internet services were a part of your plan? As time goes by, it's easy for a wireless plan to become obsolete. As a matter of fact, it's much harder for a network to catch up than you think. You have to ask what your network is doing and if it can meet the standard of the new 4G system. Here are 5 questions to mull over when you do.

1. How fast are you going on the road? Speed is everything in wireless internet. In fact, you might reverse the cliche and declare that the lack of speed kills. The new network has been measured humming at speed 10 MB/s and then some. Can you expect this speed to be cranking at all times? Well no, but you can expect a 4 to 6 MB/s standard when you get a plan with wireless coverage. It's unprecedented in wireless services.

2. How fast at home? Did you know you can pick up the 4G network at home as well? It in many cases is outperforming the wireline broadband and DSL packages. If you run a speed test between what you have and what you could get, you very well might be surprised. In fact, if you add this plan onto the wireless road plan, you could end up saving yourself a nice piece of change at the end of every month.

3. Can you shift between networks? How much can you trust your network when you are about to head outside of the coverage area? What will happen to your wireless signal? These questions are all related to the issue of getting your signal and knowing you'll be able to keep it. In the case of the new network, you can be sure it will hold strong all throughout the city, then switch over and get the next best signal when you navigate outside of the network's boundaries. The new network is continually expanding as well.

4. Will you be able to use your old laptop? People worry about switching to the 4G network because they are afraid they'll have to part with their old reliable laptop. The good news is you can use just about any laptop or OS in existence on the new network. If you cannot, it is probably a good sign that it's time to upgrade your computer.

5. Can you get online quickly and without a major commitment? Switching over is one thing: most people will be happy to upgrade their wireless service when they see the opportunity. However, there are many people who aren't willing to commit right off the bat. What if a malfunction is occurring later on? First off, you can get this service in a matter of twenty-four hours. Second, you only have to commit on a monthly basis. It's as easy to get out of it as it is to get into it.

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