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Satellite Radios Are Cool - Picking The Right One Isn't Easy

By: Lance Winslow

It is amazing how much the price of satellite stereos, portables and radios have come down in the last few years. Indeed, I had one of the very first units and it nearly cost me a thousand bucks after installation. Today, they are very inexpensive and completely competitive, and most major stereo brands do have satellite radio options or capabilities in their most popular models.

If you haven't been introduced to satellite radio and you are still punching those buttons for local radio stations, well you clearly do not know what you are missing. To say I recommend getting a satellite radio system for your car if you currently only have a regular car radio/stereo would be an understatement indeed. Now then, there are some things which you need to know when selecting a satellite radio system, and so, let's give you a few tips when choosing your satellite radio or satellite stereo system:

1. First, you have to decide if you want to have a transportable system. This is one where you have a portable small boom box type system, which you can take with you to the beach or anywhere you go, when you are not in your car. You will, need additional components, and there maybe additional cost - wait for a 2 for 1 sale, which they run often.

2. Second, you need to determine how many units you need, such as one for each of your cars, motor home, in addition to a portable unit that you can take to the office, a job site, or even on a family picnic. Ask about family and group discounts.

3. Next, you have to determine if you are willing to cut a hole on the top of your car, or if you want a glass mounted unit. Remember if you have a leased vehicle, anything you do extra like this might cost you later on, and it might not even be allowed.

4. Now for which service to choose; well, you no longer get to choose between Sirius and XM Radio, as they have merged into one company. Lucky, for you this has added choices and more channels, and the price is still very similar to before they merged.

You will absolutely love your new satellite radio/stereo system, and you will be amazed on long-road trips how great it is to have all those channels, all the time, no matter where you travel. Indeed, I hope you will please consider these tips when selecting your Satellite Radio, and determining your options.

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