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How To Attract Others

By: Donna Beals

One of the best ways to attract others to you is to be yourself. No one like someone who is phony and it shows. Phoniness is a bit turn-off, and people will not want to be around you. To be yourself should be a natural response, and you should not feel you must criticize anyone to make yourself feel better. If you feel you need to criticize anyone, to make yourself more attractive, STOP IT RIGHT NOW! You are a very attractive person; let others know how attractive they are.

How you attract others is through self-imagery, your perception of how you view yourself and how others will in turn view you. Your personality exposes these views to others, and emits certain auras that attach other people to you. An attractive person will of times find resentment from those who see themselves as unattractive and will become jealous when they see you as the center of attention among your peers.

Don't get angry by their outbursts of jealousy, instead be understanding and forgive them for they no not what is in their best interests. This is an attractive way to respond to those who feel resentment to you and will make you more attractive to your peers. Learn to see inside everyone and find the real person within them, and draw out their good qualities - EVERYONE has some good qualities, drawing out those in others is how to attract others to you. Once you have won their attraction, build your friendship, and begin to share your thoughts and feelings on all levels. Success is sure to follow in any venture you take on.

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