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Your Temperament Is Pivotal In Creating A Happy Life

By: Jim Fargiano

Your temperament is pivotal in directing where your life will head. The more even-keeled and fair-minded you can be, the more you will find it easier to waft through the ups and downs of ordinary occurrences. Balance is everything, whereas over emoting will cause some dramatic swings in your mood; not to mention the way people interact with you.

On many levels, you are responsible for the aspects of your wellness. Spirit always provides the vehicle for your success, however, you are the one who steers it. What choices you make will enhance or deflate your level of contentment. We hope and desire for you to only want what is strongest in your life; not what is barely okay. With the crush of angels at your side, why would you think life has to be difficult? Reach out, reach up, or reach down for them. It makes no difference what direction you extend yourself in because the throng of high entities surrounds you. Allow Spirit to be your compass so that your passage through life feels safe and protected. Try to live your life as though you were consumed and taken over by well-intentioned spiritual principles. The Golden Rule should have you feeling nothing but harmony within as long as you fully understand the purpose behind it. When you flow through your physical existence in a way that reflects the visions of what makes you happy, then you leave no room to angrily burst out with venomous thoughts and words towards others. You stay in balance!

All we want for any of you is to understand the power you hold. Many times, just by stopping to think about your attitude, it can be changed. If you are rational in your thoughts and theories, adjusting your approach seems normal. Sometimes, just inquiring the mind within, creates a heightened awareness of the aspects that have taken control of you. Instead, you should be wielding the power of love for yourself, and respect for who you are, rather then yielding the power that causes your anxiety and disruptions. Not a single one of you ever has to feel isolated. Your aura is never barren because it is full of the gift of love and memories from those in spirit. Reach out to them through simple conversations. Reach out to your Higher Self out of respect for your soul. Finally, acquire knowledge by sharing the enormous love that comes to you via The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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