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Best And Valuable Tata Cars

By: Meena Singh Shah

Tata car is the second largest auto manufacture company in India. The company is promise to give the better performance, world-class accessories, value added services and lots more. The aim is to satisfy the customers by giving them delightful comfort and drive. Tata cars always introduce the new technologies to keep their cars update in the market. It has full range of cars like passenger cars commercial vehicles and multi-utility vehicles.

Tata cars are very famous among the category of commercial vehicles. This category vehicle has a very dominant presence in the domestic automobile market. The other categories are also having the strongest positioning in the market. The two most demanded cars of Tata are Tata Indica cars and Tata indigo cars. Both are the mid size cars and targets the middle class segments.

Tata indigo--> Indigo is the most admired sedan model in the Indian auto market. The car comes in various variants and gives the high competition to the other brands in terms of price. Tata Indigo variants are available in both petrol as well as diesel. Some are Tata Indigo GLS, Tata Indigo GLX, Tata Indigo LS, Indigo LS Dicor, Indigo LX, and Indigo LX Dicor. Indigo cars come between the ranges of rupees four to eight lacs.

Tata indigo is well equipped by the comfort interiors and its all variants are associated with all comfort and safety features like Power windows 3-link rear suspension air conditioner, European leather seats etc. The car has established itself as premium car brand in the Indian market.

Tata Indica--> Indica is the cheap and smallest car in India and the car is known for the low maintenance and high mileage. It is the best sold car in the India. In 2008, the new model Tata Indica Vista is launched which is powered by most powerful petrol as well as diesel engines. This Tata Indica has equipped with very stylish and interested Interiors and exteriors. The car will provides you the dynamic driving and the car is associated with comfort ride, excellent handling, braking and the superior fuel efficiency of 20km per litre.

Some features includes in this car are 83 mm stroke, 4 cylinders, front window, power steering etc. The price set of this Tata Indica car is around Rs. 3, 40, 608 in India.

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