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Achieving Financial Success After Filing For Bankruptcy

By: Bob P Jones

After filing bankruptcy it's important to understand the personal habits that lead you to financial ruin and allow for better future planning, including developing a savings account for emergencies. Deciding on a financial system that will work for you is the first step toward financial freedom as well as survival. Picking one system and sticking with it increases the chances for success. Taking advantage of post bankruptcy filing counseling will offer you and your family the required knowledge and financial structure for a person to be successful. Bankruptcy counseling encourages and helps organize people and their finances after this major life-changing financial ordeal. Post bankruptcy counseling may include tracking expenses and changing habits. Making these changes may be difficult, but with professional planning success is just a matter of time. Due to the overwhelming rate of those filing bankruptcy and failing to keep it together financially, help is the key to success. Credit card companies that prey on those vulnerable people that just filed leads to more problems including a second filing. Being honest with yourself about your financial situation leads to a successful plan, which includes only using credit cards in emergencies.

Self-esteem is usually very low after filing for bankruptcy, making it hard to be motivated and get back on your feet. With the help of friends, family members and a personal bankruptcy counselor, a person can get their finances organized, which inevitably will boost self-esteem and encourage better financial decisions. Being accountable to a friend or family member to start new habits can greatly improve the future. Learning to not keep an entire paycheck in cash and spending it frivolously can be difficult. Making a plan for the execution of financial goals not only motivates, but helps a person understand the importance of each step of the process toward financial freedom.

The current economic trend is an indicator of the cost of living and availability of a good paying job, it is not an excuse for poor money management. Having someone you trust give you quality post bankruptcy advice will help you determine the line between your needs and your wants. Learning the importance of that will further aid in making the required changes for financial success. These changes could include eliminating all interest credit accounts or at least lower the interest rates on the ones you need to keep. Many times, loans are still available after filing for bankruptcy. This list includes car loans, mortgages, and school loans. A bankruptcy attorney might suggest a debt consolidation loan prior to filing bankruptcy to lower interest rates and make your monthly payments easier to maintain for the property you want to reaffirm and keep. After adding all the left over debts together a person should find a loan with the lowest interest rate possible. Even though most of the debt discharged by filing for bankruptcy, in some cases people choose to keep some items, like an automobile, in order to rebuild credit more quickly.

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