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Getting The Best Price For Your Car

By: Sarah Geni Miller

What is the best price that I can get if I sell my car? That is the biggest problem for many of sellers of used cars. To sell a car especially a used one requires savvy salesmanship and knowing the intricacies of negotiation. When you decide to sell the car, it is always advisable to assume that the other party is as knowledgeable as you are in the model and market of the car. From this point you can strategize on playing the customer to a successful deal.

The item itself matters a lot. The best salesman will not sell your car if the beat down vehicle that will not start. Try to have the car in presentable condition. Wash, vacuum, wax and buff it. Do simple repairs and take out the groans and squeaking sounds. With a presentable product, you can work on your selling skills.

Get through knowledge of when you sell a car. How much are similar models of the same age fetching? Is there a demand for the car? Is it a collector's item? And most importantly how fast do you want to move it. Reading classifieds and car sale sections of local dailies will help. Try to look up online adverts and see how much you can get from the car.

Let's say you have the buyer after going for a successful drive and it has come down to price negotiations. How will you get as much as you can from the buyer? Start with a higher price and justify it with the additions on the vehicle (HiFi, Chrome rims, Leather seats etc). If there are no additions, then just do it for bluffing. The buyer will make a counter offer usually on the lower side quoting several sources and vehicle terminologies. It is important to have gone through these so as not to be befuddled by the buyer.

If the buyer gives an offer so low it is absurd, politely tell them to look elsewhere. If they give the "Take it or leave it" option, tell them to walk as well. The serious buyer will finally ask if a certain offer is agreeable. Just coax a little more on it if it has hit the price you wanted. If he adds ok, if he does not you already have your price.

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