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10 Must Have Blackberry Apps

By: Mohammed Bhimji

The BlackBerry, though aimed at the corporate executive or senior manager is quickly becoming a sight in everyone's hand - from the student straight through to the corporate executive. With steep discounts offered by carriers and others yet opting to purchase the phone outright, the number of applications for the BlackBerry has also exploded.

There are tons of business applications out there, but those are boring and many non-business users are using their phones to stay social and in order to do so you need to know what the top social apps are for this smartphone.

  1. BlackBerry Messenger - stay in touch with friends, or colleagues. You can share photos and videos.
  2. Poynt - find people, shops, and other interesting venues with your BB and GPS.
  3. Facebook for BlackBerry - do everything on your BlackBerry on Facebook that you can do on your computer, powerful application that helps you get the most from Facebook on a smaller screen.
  4. MySpace for BlackBerry - yes, some people do use MySpace.
  5. UberTwitter - for tweeting whatever you're doing!
  6. LinkedIn for BlackBerry - LinkedIn is aimed at the professional, but in recent months I've seen a lot of students, and people in other "non-professional" type jobs sign-up and connect with others.
  7. WordPress for BlackBerry - post to your blog, or comment on other blogs with your BlackBerry.
  8. Flickr for BlackBerry - since most BlackBerrys have phones, and most people like to post their pictures, combine your love of cell phone photography with Flickr and post your pictures as soon as you have taken them.
  9. Movies by Flixster - if you love your movies, you need Flixster. You can get the latest details about box office movies, watch trailers, read reliable reviews and more with this application.
  10. Urbanspoon - looking for a good place to eat, Urbanspoon will lead the way. Find out more about the restaurant you want to eat at.

Getting the right apps on your phone will help you get the most from your phone, these 10 apps are among the best social apps available for the BlackBerry.

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