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3 Ways To Lower Cholesterol And Prevent Heart Disease

By: Xylene Belita

If you are looking for ways to lower cholesterol you will be happy to find out that it can be reduced just by eating the right kind of foods. Proper use of diet and supplements will result in a healthy and happy improvement in your life.

Here are 3 great ways to help lower your cholesterol levels.

1. Eat more of the foods that contain healthy fat.

I'm sure you have heard of monounsaturated fats. These are found in certain types of nuts like almonds, walnuts and some oils like olive oil and canola oil and even in avocados. Healthy fats will help you lower your bad cholesterol which is called LDL and simultaneously maintain your good cholesterol levels which are called HDLs. Your doctor will confirm that this is the truth. Switching from saturated fat to monounsaturated fat will result in a drastic lowering of your cholesterol levels. Many suggestions about substituting whole milk for skim milk and cutting back on refined sugar is right on the money but don't substitute margarine for butter. This will make bad cholesterol even worse and lowers the good cholesterol levels at the same time. This is a bad combination that drastically raises your chances of heart disease.

2. Stop eating so much bad fat foods.

It's possible to lower your cholesterol without the use of drugs simply by limiting your consumption of saturated fat. The chemistry is rather simple. Saturated fat will stimulate the production of bad cholesterol by your liver which proceeds to gradually clog your arteries. The author of Good Fat, Bad Fat recommends any effective diet takes into account the amount of saturated fat consumed each day and lower to a maximum of 20 grams per day. This is based on those in relatively healthy condition.

It's easy to check the amount of fat grams you are consuming by checking the labels on your foods. If you can make this a habit you will naturally decrease your chances of heart disease and increase your chances of having a very healthy life. One of the simplest ways to lower cholesterol is to quit smoking and start moving. This seems pretty obvious but you would be surprised how many of us become couch potatoes and forget we need to exercise. If you have become overweight or worse obese you certainly have low HDL levels. All you need to do to watch those HDL levels rise is to start losing weight.

3. Everyone knows it's hard to lose weight by dieting alone however. If you throw in an exercise program it will be much easier to see those pounds slipping away.

Triglycerides are types of blood fat that will be lowered by exercising. The lower the better. If you really want to lower your cholesterol you need to pay attention to your triglycerides. Not only do triglycerides lead to kidney disease and pancreatitis but they clog up your arteries.

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