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Advantages Of Voip Over Traditional Telephony For Multiple Lines

By: Saiju George

Regardless of the popularity of mobile phones, traditional desk telephones continue to be an important and necessary part of business and interoffice communications. Extensions, multiple lines, and service features such as call forwarding are often essential to customer service and office management. Yet, traditional phone service providers have yet to match the ease and affordability of business VoIP solutions.

Disadvantages of Traditional Business Telephone Service

While traditional service providers do offer solutions to your business communication needs, they tend to add extra charges for every conceivable use. Whether you're using a landline or mobile service, the provider will likely charge you for every extra line, ringtone, user, and standard feature. Before you know it, a seemingly affordable plan becomes a major monthly expense-with a long-term contract, too.

And when you're using multiple landlines within a business, you must also find the time, money and space to manage all hardware, wires and upkeep. This need not be a necessary evil in the business environment, however.

The Business VoIP Solution

With certain business VoIP providers you can have extra lines, users, phones and extensions for no additional charge. In addition to the many communication services provided by VoIP, you can also have separate phones in multiple locations ring for you simultaneously when someone is trying to reach you.
A "boundless phone" service means that you can be anywhere-at the office, your home, walking down the street, or relaxing in your vacation rental-and receive the important call that you're awaiting. All of your phones will ring. Imagine the charges you would incur for a similar solution from traditional providers. With VoIP, you don't pay anything extra for the service.

Full Phone Service from an Internet Connection

Not only does VoIP reduce the cost and hassle of multiple extensions and service features, it also helps you reduce office clutter. Because it is an Internet-based service, there's no need for miles of phone cabling. This too means that you can move your phone to another location without having to rewire it. Using a standard IP phone, which looks and functions much like any other corporate telephone, you have all of the necessary features-minus the cost and clutter.

With all the standard features you'd expect from traditional providers, plus additional solutions at no extra charge, VoIP appears to be the smartest and most cost-efficient phone service for business.

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