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Advantages Of 3G Calling Services Over Earlier Services

By: Scott Mackenzie

The 3G calling services is and improvement in the mobile telephony technology. This technology has now been adopted by many countries including African countries. However, its implementation has been slow in some places. Previously, mobile devices were using the 1G and 2G versions which had limited features and very slow. 3G came to combine telephony with the wireless internet to come up with improved ways of communication.

The biggest advantage of this version, which stands for third generation, is the fast internet connection. Unlike in the past where mobile devices used GPRS and EDGE for browsing the internet, the speeds of data transfer have tremendously increased with the coming of the third generation services. Users of this technology can now access the internet at the maximum speed of 2Mbps with limited mobility. The speed of data transfer with still remains high even on a high speed of about 120 km/hr at about 384 kbps.

The combination of the high internet speeds with calls has brought about a high level of voice clarity. It has also made the whole world a small village as people can now communicate clearly and in real time even with people on the other end of the world. With the service, voice interruptions are minimized as the technology utilizes circuit switching in interpreting the voice signals.

A great feature coming with this new service is video calling. This is a wonderful feature that allows the users not only to make clear voice calls, but also to be able to see the other person in real time. As long as the other person is on a third generation network, the users can have a video conversation that is very much like the ordinary conversation.

Conference calls were there even in the 2G and the 2.5G technology. However, this feature has improved tremendously with the introduction of third generation service on mobile devices. Now the network can support more people in a conference call. The voice clarity is still high during conference calls. The good thing is that you can even have video conferencing on the mobile device.

The third generation service is not benefiting people when it comes to calls only. This technology has improved even PC computers and laptops. Most internet service providers have come up with a modem that utilizes this technology. You only need to plunge the device on your USB port and you access the internet at extremely fast speeds.

With the service, one needs not wait till they get home to catch their favorite movie. It now takes a very short time to download these movies to the handset and watch them. What in the past require one to dedicate two hours to download a movie now takes only a few minutes.

One does not even have to download content to your mobile device. You can watch the programs directly from the websites providing them thanks to this service. The high data transfer speeds enables users of the 3G calling services to watch programs through streaming. Due to the high speeds, you can stream content with little interruptions and enjoy high clarity.

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