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All About The Mis-Sold Ppi Regulation Changes

By: Sarah Rador

The change in regulations was necessary because a number of complaints were received by those who govern the market, and the investigation which was undertaken as a result revealed illegal instances of the widespread mis-selling of PPI policies.

Research discovered that a great number of the lenders in the industry - many of which were famous household names - had resorted to underhand routines in order to make sure a borrower was tied to a PPI policy on their terms, and this has meant many people recently pursuing a PPI claim for mis-selling.

As it happens it has always been the choice of the consumer to look for the best insurance package, although a number had been advised that the loan or mortgage they had agreed would only be given to them if they agreed to the branded PPI package that the lender offered, a practice which is now illegal.

Following the investigation some of the companies involved were subjected to fines, and the rules were amended to include the stipulation that PPI may not be sold to a consumer for a set period after the deal is signed, a move that is meant to give the customer greater security and enable them to look for the right package.

Making a PPI claim for any instance of mis-selling is a process that needs to be done with the help of a professional who is a specialist in the area of personal finance claims, because it is a section of the law that may seem complex for the layman to get to grips with.

These days the world of payment protection insurance and personal finance is better managed and less problematic for the borrower, and this is largely thanks to the work of those who look after the market. The alterations to the industry have been undertaken with specific attention to the security of the borrower, and it is with this in mind that any more changes should be undertaken.

Knowing that we can find a payment protection policy without fear of being coerced to buy a special branded deal is something that we can be thankful for, and for the many that have read this and believe they have a right to pursue a PPI claim there is plenty of information regarding the simplest way to get it done available on the internet and otherwise.

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