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Belly Button Rings Can Complement Your Beach Body

By: Julie S. Montgomery

Belly button rings can be fun and fashionable piercings that complement a beach body or bare midriff. If you are considering getting a piercing, it's a great idea to get the facts in order to make an informed decision. It is important to find a professional to do the piercing. Make an appointment with them to talk it over and allow them to answer any questions you might have. Make sure the place you get the piercing is clean and sanitary. Remember, it is never a safe idea to allow a friend do it for you at home.

The process of getting the piercing is fairly straightforward. The piercer will mark the entrance and exit holes. They will then clamp the flap of skin and place a needle through. Compared with the pain associated with other piercings, people say getting a belly button piercing does not hurt much. Obviously your experience could be different, so do not let that convince you that you may not have pain or discomfort during the process. Talk it over with friends who have belly button rings.

If you take care of your piercing, you will avoid getting a painful infection. It will take at least 4 to 12 months for it to completely heal. It is good practice to wash the piercing with anti-bacterial soap twice a day. If you have any pain, unusual swelling or liquids coming out of the piercing area, consult a physician. An infection is a very serious health concern and should be handled immediately. If you take care of it and follow proper cleaning procedures, you shouldn't have a problem with infections.

When choosing belly button rings, you will want to buy high quality metals or flexible jewelry. Your skin might react poorly to anything of lower quality. You can typically find a much wider jewelry selection by searching online. Try a few different kinds to get a sense for what your body is most comfortable with.

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