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Give Yourself A Sexy New Look With A Belly Button Ring

By: Julie S. Montgomery

When people think of ways to show off their individuality (or rebellion) they may choose a tattoo or body piercing to say they do things their own way. Tattoos can be placed in hidden areas but if you get tired of them, they are difficult and expensive to remove. Piercing locations other than your ears can accomplish the same thing and if you opt for an area like your navel, you can choose when and how to show off your jewelry. In addition, you should be able to simply remove the belly ring and have the piercing close up on its own if you get tired of it.

Piercing your navel is not to be taken lightly. Because this is one of the most delicate areas to pierce, the procedure should be done by a professional. Care must be taken to clean the site and use only sanitized tools when doing the piercing. Afterwards, you need to be very careful with the area. Keep it clean and protected until it is completely healed which can take up to a year.

Even after it is healed, you need to keep it clean and be especially careful what type of belly button rings you purchase. Better quality jewelry will be the wisest choice especially if you have allergies to certain metals. For best results choose titanium or 18K gold. You may also find nylon or teflon jewelry that will not bother you.

After that, you have nothing to do but enjoy and show off this new addition to your life. You will find belly button rings for every occasion. Depending on your mood, you can sport a variety of bar bells or dangling jewelry. And most important of all, you can choose to share this decoration with the world or keep it as something only seen by you and your significant other. Either way, it can make you feel sexier than ever.

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