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Avoid Infections With Belly Button Rings

By: Julie S. Montgomery

Belly button rings are the sexiest type of body jewelry - but infections aren't sexy. Find out how to avoid them.

Belly button rings may be sexy; however, a red and infected piercing can be a quick turnoff. Not to mention, it can cause you a bit of a scare if you don't expect it. Find out what type of metal you should consider for a new piercing and what to do if you suspect an infection has started.

Guys have often said that the sexiest type of body jewelry they have seen are belly button rings. Makes sense since this area of a woman's anatomy has been an erogenous zone and symbol of fertility throughout the ages. No wonder a guy would admire a piece of jewelry that draws his attention to this part of the female body.

For those interested in adding this piercing to their body, consider not only the appeal of the design of the jewelry but also the type of material that the jewelry is made from. After all, there is no reason to choose between being smart about what will give your piercing the best chance of avoiding an infection, and being sexy about the style of belly button rings you choose.

When choosing your belly button rings, especially for a first time piercing, go for materials that your body will not reject. It may be tempting to just choose something cute, or sexy, but take a minute to consider what it is made from before you insert it into your body.

There are a couple of materials that give you the best chance of avoiding infection since they don't react to body tissues. These are gold, stainless steel, bioplast, and titanium. Of course, if you are allergic to any of these metals then you should avoid them. If you are not sure whether or not you're allergic, then simply watch your new piercing for any signs of infection. If you suspect that you are allergic to the material in your belly button rings, don't wait and wonder. Be smart and go back to the piercer or visit your doctor to get advice. If needed, change the belly ring to one made from a different material.

Even when choosing these metals for belly button rings, make sure it is pure. For instance, choose 14k gold when purchasing yellow gold and choose nickel-free white gold if going for a "silver" look. Stainless steel belly button rings may have a combo design with a stainless steel shaft and a different material used for the balls and dangles. You need to be most concerned with the part of the belly ring that is in contact with the piercing. If Steel doesn't work for you, a titanium material may be a better choice since it is a pure metal that shouldn't have other metals added in.

Whichever belly button rings you choose just be sure to care for your piercing as instructed and don't hesitate to get it checked if it doesn't seem to be healing properly or if a healed piercing starts to act differently. The solution could be as simple as buying a different belly ring made from another material.

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