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How To Dress For A Night Out With Friends

By: Julie S. Montgomery

If it's been awhile since you had a night out on the town, you may want to get a few tips before heading out. In many urban landscapes, the scene has changed and you'll want to fit in.

Are you in your mid-30's? Have the years between college and now been spent finding a career, getting married, and starting a family? If so, you may have been focused on priorities other than your collection of belly button rings. At some point after starting the nest, some women want to reclaim a bit of their youth and temporarily shed a bit of responsibility. Dipping a toe back into the nightlife scene every once in awhile doesn't diminish the kind of parent you are; it simply means you'd like to renew the acquaintance with the other side of you.

Stepping out with friends now and again can be very healthy and even strengthen your relationship with your spouse by helping you regain a bit of individuality. Talk with some friends and determine what kind of clubs you'd like to visit for the evening. Is it going to be a dance nite? Karoke? What about a concert? Or maybe pool and darts. When planning your clothes, opt for the adage "less is more" so you're sure not to overdress. Try to strike a balance between a bit of nighttime polish with comfortable casual.

Makeup and jewelry can really add some punch to those pared-down clothes you chose. Think about the new smoky eye look and some long earrings, especially if you've pulled some of your hair away from your face. If you have a lot of belly button rings in your jewelry drawer, you can pick something out of the norm, one you wouldn't wear every day or to the babysitter's. Even if no one sees them, the belly button rings can help you set an internal attitude and be your own little secret.

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