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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Minibus Insurance

By: Charlotte J Wilson

While using a minibus for public or private transport is not a mistake, buying the wrong UK minibus cover can include an array of blunders. But there is a silver lining! By knowing the most common mistakes when purchasing minibus cover, you can avoid making them. Here are some of the most frequent ones, which you should avoid like the plague:

1. Never renew your current policy automatically:
Renewing our minibus cover policy can seem like a routine activity, since it's something that we'll need to do every year or two. It shouldn't be. A common mistake that many holders of minibus cover make, is assuming that their current policy is the cheapest one. In fact, it might not be. So before you renew your current policy, it's advisable to shop around first. The various factors that determine one's premiums are constantly changing. So by doing some comparison shopping, you can verify whether or not your current insurer is the cheapest one in the market.

2. Never fail to read the fine print:
This is particularly true when you see premiums advertised and before signing a contract for a policy. The problem with advertised premiums is that they do not apply to every minibus driver. So it's crucial to compare apples with apples, when searching for a policy that meets your needs. Also, you should read the fine print before signing (manually or electronically) a contract for a minibus cover policy. An insurance professional or lawyer can clarify any of its parts.

3. Never get fewer than three quotes:
In fact, if you can 13, 30, or 300 quotes then you certainly should. The mistake that many hunters for minibus insurance make is that they only get one or two quotes. While getting two quotes will guarantee that you will not pay the highest premiums in the UK, it certainly will not allow you to find the lowest ones. Instead, follow the "the more, the merrier" rule. Fortunately, the Internet has made the process of shopping around for minibus cover easier than ever. You can search for a policy while you are at home, in the office, or on the road. After collecting several quotes, selecting one will be your next step.

4. Never buy too little cover:
When purchasing minibus insurance, this is an even greater mistake than buying too much cover. Buying too much cover for your minibus is basically a waste of money. But buying too little cover could be devastating to your organisation's finances and potentially be illegal. What's the solution? Do your homework to learn how much cover the law requires you to have, when operating your minibus. This will be based on several factors, such as the specific function of the minibus. What's the best way to determine your specific insurance needs? Consider the facts related to the form and function of your minibus. Also consider possible scenarios that could require cover.

While erring is indeed a human characteristic, repeating a mistake is even worse. These above blunders will help you to find the best minibus cover policy for your needs.

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