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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Even If She Has A New Boyfriend?

By: A. J. Steve

Seeing your ex girlfriend flirting with another guy is very frustrating. Isn't it? But also, you are the person who allowed her to do it. She attracted to you, but you lost your attraction and now she is going to engage into another relationship. But don't worry, you can get your ex girlfriend back as lots of other guys have gotten their ex girlfriends. So, follow these crucial strategies:

1. Don't display desperate gesture: - Girls are the weaker sex and they are always attracted to the strong guys who are able to protect her. That's why they don't like a guy who behaves like a girl. Also, no one wants a needy person. So, seeming desperate will kill your chances to win your ex girlfriend and get her back in your arms.

2. Be funny and have fun with her friends: - Enjoy the break up and look the brighter side of life. Now you have more time to have fun with your friends. One of the most killer techniques to get back your ex girlfriend is to have fun with her friend (especially girls) in a natural way. Don't think about a new relationship or flirting, just start conversation with her friends and have fun with them. Also, buy something (not a precious one) for any of her friend and let your ex know it. It will create jealousy + attraction, that means you are on the way to get your ex girlfriend back.

3. Don't be too rude: - First two techniques are able to make your ex to rethink about you. And she will again get attracted to you. Now, it is time to restart the conversation. If she is interested to talk with you, then don't be overly rude. Start conversation in a normal way. Don't show her that you desperately want to talk to her. When you talk, don't talk about relationship issues. Keep the conversation on general issues.

Break ups are not uncommon, but seeing an ex girlfriend flirting with another guy is a painful experience. And it shows that you still want her. So why not take actions to get your ex girlfriend back in your arms again. If you are still very desperate, then read this quote:

"Every goalpost has a goalkeeper, but it doesn't mean that it can't be scored."

No matter how smart and rich her new boyfriend is, there are always some possibilities to win her back.

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