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Best New Information On Pilates Workouts

By: Adriana Noton

Many people are trying to get into better shape at this time. Because of this they are starting to work out and eat better. One of the top workouts that an individual can select to do is Pilates.

This workout was originated by Joseph Pilates in the first half of the 20th century. He believed that physical and mental health was intertwined so he came up with something that would exercise both. He also published two books on the subject in the 1930's and 1940's.

When Joseph Pilates first started teaching people the routine in a specialized studio. Many of the early students were dancers. Many of his first students went on to teach the routine to various students in their own studios. As time went on the exercise routine has changed and it is widely found in community centers, gyms, studios, and on DVDs for home use.

Traditional Pilates is found today normally in a studio environment. Instructors of these classes follow the exercise routines that Joseph Pilates outlined in his own classes. They also utilize many of the same apparatuses, built to the same specifications, that were originally used at that time.

The contemporary form can be done in pretty much any environment. This style utilizes smaller workout aids such as bands, foam rollers, small weighted balls, large exercise balls, and rotating disks. This style may be taught in studios as well but will predominately be done on mats with the smaller aids rather than the larger traditional apparatuses. The stretching and muscle activation that is available in this contemporary form is different than the traditional form but is still very good and follows many of the same principles.

In the first modern book about this type of program two students of one of the original teachers outlined six key principles to follow. The original six principles they listed were concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing. Most instructors will outline these principles with their students although there may be some changes via additions or subtractions. All the principles will be stressed at some point during the exercise program and any new student should remember them.

When someone begins this routine they may find it difficult to complete some of the movements in the way it is outlined. It is important to keep working on the movements and focus on the breathing instructions that are given. By keeping the breathing patterns in the appropriate manner the student will continue to fuel their muscles and get their body more in tune with the rigors the workout gives. This routine helps maintain a balance on understanding how proper breathing impacts the body's ability to perform.

Anyone that is looking for a good new workout program to start should see if Pilates may interest them. This type of exercise program was first developed many years ago in an attempt to combine a person's physical and mental health. Prior to starting any new exercise routine an individual should check with their physician for any health risks.

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