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15% Of Iphone Users Switching To Verizon According To Changewave Iphone Reports!

By: Adam M Wagner

Changewave iPhone report reveals that 15 percent of AT&T iPhone users are planning on changing carriers when the Verizon version of Apple's popular smartphone is released next week! This is the highest volume of turnover that Changewave has ever tracked for AT&T in any phone category. This is not a mass migration, but it is a very large chunk of the current market share. It is anticipated that the estimated 15 percent may increase as well in the coming months as Verizon introduces new features for the iPhone. This does not look good for AT&T... According to the Changewave iPhone investigation survey there are two main reasons why users are leaving AT&T:

1.) 42 percent- Discontent with reception.

2.) 27 percent- Fed up with volume of dropped calls.

I personally can attest to both of these problems, as I am sure many of you can as well! AT&T has been making upgrades to their infrastructure recently to combat these issues, however it may be too late. Over the last few months, reported dropped call rates have decreased from 6 percent to 4.7 percent. At least AT&T is trying.

I sincerely hope that the new Verizon model will further competition in the iPhone realm, which may better the quality of service from both carriers. In order to compensate for the loss of iPhone sales and contracts, AT&T announced the introduction of several other Smartphone models at CES earlier this month. However, the phone service provider is going to need to move a lot of new products to make up for the predicted loss... Will you be joining the 15 percent of users who according to Changewave iPhone research will be switching carriers soon?

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