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A Look Around The Nokia X5

By: Emma Rosher

Fashion phones have traditional boasted stunning looks but have lack when it comes to specification. The Nokia X5 contradicts this theory by offering high speed performance coupled with some excellent multimedia features.

As well as the design aspect, the X5 is also a very good audio player, so much so that Nokia have marketed this model as a music phone. On the front of the device there is a dedicated music key which instantly gives you access to your tracks. This is a nice feature that saves you having to access various menus in order to listen to your files. You can really tailor the storage to the size you want thanks to the micro SD card slot, allowing for up to 32GB capacity, a 2GB variety coming supplied with the phone. If you like to listen to local or national radio stations, then the in built RDS FM tuner will come in handy.

To top off this comprehensive package a 3.5mm headphone jack gives you a wealth of headphones to choose from to use with this phone. The X5 incorporates a high powered 600Mhz processor which performs all tasks at quite a pace, and utilises the Symbian OS version 3.2, which incorporates an easy to use and visually pleasing audio player. If you ever want to capture a moment with a photograph, the phone includes a 5 mega pixel camera with an LED flash. This is perfect if you want to keep your photos for your own viewing or if you want to upload them directly to sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

The Nokia X5 is surprisingly well covered in the connectivity department. WiFi is present on the model, giving you the fastest online connection when access to a local network is available. The handset also offers 3G coverage, enabling you to achieve the fasts mobile data transfer speeds. If you are not covered by a 3G network however, there are adequate back ups present in the form of both GPRS and EDGE. The design of the new Nokia X5 is one of its main talking points. Where as models such as the N8 off supreme functionality and specification, this model focuses on its looks, with a square design really making it stand out from its competitors. A 2.36 inch LCD screen is joined by 5 buttons on the front of the unit, and beneath this there is a slider design Qwerty keypad, making the composition of lengthy e mails and texts a much simpler affair.

If you are looking for a phone to turn heads, yet not at the expense of features, then the X5 from Nokia may well be the handset for you.

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