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Internet Radio Receiver: It Would Be A Huge Mistake To Go With Satellite Radio

By: Peter Kongsri

Everybody who watches the news or goes on the internet today knows about the new WiFi radio craze. It is one of the most useful things a man or woman can have. Most WiFi radio stations use internet radio receivers to broadcast there signals, and best of all most of the time it is completely commercial free. Just like satellite radio you need an internet radio receiver if you want to pick up the signal, but unlike satellite radio it doesn't cost you monthly.

So no commercials and no monthly fee hmm sounds like an absolute no brainer. It is a wonder that more people aren't taking advantage of this new technology, and would rather pay for a satellite radio every month. What a complete rip off, and satellite radio is only limited to a certain amount of channels.

When you go with WiFi based radio or internet radio the only investment that you are personally making is in the receiver itself no monthly fees or dumb access codes that you have to input. As long as you are in a WiFi hotspot then you are good to go. Some people will balk at this and say that WiFi hot spots aren't everywhere so you would constantly lose your signal in the car. Incorrect, some major cities are making their whole cities WiFi hotspots, and with the recent invention of the portable hotspot, there are no limits to your internet radio usage after you make the initial investment of the internet radio receiver.

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