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Belly Button Rings - What's In Your Collection?

By: Julie S. Montgomery

Belly button rings don't have to be boring anymore. In fact, nowadays, you can have more fun with them than most earrings.

Navel rings can be found in the majority of jewelry boxes of younger women. However, with the growing number of styles, sizes, colors and designs, not all collections are complete.

If you have your belly button pierced, then you know how many choices you have for belly button rings. The more popular ones to choose from are curved barbells and loops, or captive bead rings (CBRs). But what makes them unique are the wide array of colors and designs available. You are no longer forced to have only two options: a silver-colored CBR or a silver-colored barbell.

Nowadays, you can have your navel rings match each one of your outfits, if that's your thing of course. And aside from the color variations, there are even ones that have dangling pendants hanging from them, much like dangling earrings. These fit nicely in your belly button and dangle down, creating a masterpiece of a person's abdomen.

If that weren't enough, there are belly button rings that come in a variety of designs. The more common, but still unique, pieces are the color and design variations of barbells. The post is still a silver-colored piece of metal, but the balls come in so many different colors and designs it's mind boggling! You can have anything from tie-dyed balls, to smiley faces, to more intricate pictures, all of which can be seen on the ends of these little barbells. And the best part is, you can mix and match them. You can have a blue and white swirled ball on the bottom and a rainbow swirl on top. The choice is yours.

So you see, belly button rings have come a long way in terms of colors and designs, that is one of the reasons this piercing has become so popular so quickly. So be sure to check your collection of belly button rings today to see what else you can add to this growing sensation.

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