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Belly Rings Rank In The Top 5 Types Of Jewelry That Girls Want

By: Julie S. Montgomery

You may be wondering, with so many types of jewelry to buy which ones are the most popular right now? There are belly rings, toe rings, earrings, nose rings, and the list goes on and on. Face it; there is a piece of jewelry for practically every part of your body. And the styles are only limited by imagination and budget. There is no rule that says that you can only have one type of jewelry. Love the difference and live the excitement of body jewelry!

The current trends in body jewelry include 5 top items that are becoming "must haves" for girls.

5. Earrings - This is a tried and true type of jewelry. Very often, an ear lobe piercing will be the first one for a girl with some going through the experience before they can even walk. The styles are abundant and you can often find them to compliment your belly rings.

4. Toe Rings - These are especially popular in the warmer months when freshly painted and tanned toes are free to wiggle in sandals and heels. Many girls can't wait for the season to pull off the socks and let their toes free!

3. Nose Rings - More girls are warming up to the delicate stones that can be placed in a nose piercing. The tradition of a nose ring goes back centuries and the social connections are positive.

2. Rings for the finger - Still a favorite, these can be worn with everything! There is a wide variety of costume jewelry that is a lot of fun and inexpensive.

1. Belly Rings - This is still the top trend and more and more girls search online for information about belly piercings. What they are discovering is that apprehensions they may have had in the past about the piercing and the belly rings fade away as they educate themselves on the process.

There you have it. From belly rings to earrings, the desire for body jewelry is still strong. You will rarely go wrong with your choice of jewelry as you explore everything wonderful about being a girl.

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