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Coaches Frown On Body Jewelry

By: Julie S. Montgomery

My daughter plays several sports, including volleyball, basketball and track. She may even go out for soccer next year! All these sports are great for her in so many ways, we work hard as a family to support her interests. There'd be little issue if her scholastics weren't right on top with her game, but we're blessed because she manages the demands of both very well. We just handle the on-the-go lifestyle as best we can!

Sports can teach young girls some very valuable lessons, including self confidence, a sense of power over their own lives, and more. It can teach them how to deal with hardships and disappointments, and how to work as part of a team to achieve your goals. Another positive outcome is a focus on physical fitness, something I hope lasts with her throughout her life.

But like any teen, she's interested in beauty and boys as well. Her latest interest is around adding some body jewelry to her already pierced ears. It was hard enough on her father when she started wearing makeup, I'm not sure how he'll respond to the notion of body jewelry. To our generation, it signifies a certain flamboyancy that we just don't want our daughter to demonstrate or lead someone to think about.

And body jewelry typically isn't accepted by most sports coaches, either. They see it as a hazard to safety and a distraction. Imagine if someone was diving for a ball and accidentally grabbed a belly ring with their fingernail or finger before falling to the court. Talk about ouch!

So, in addition to the message issue, there's a serious physical issue as well with wearing body jewelry. As parents, we decided against it as long as our daughter gets her financial support from us. It's a family decision, one you might have to make too.

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