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Advanced Lock For Android Device

By: Nola Huang

Do you want to secure important info and personal data on your phone? Do you want to stop accident access to certain apps without paying any attention to it? If your answer is yes, you must need to install an screen lock on your phone. Just like door lock can provide security for your house, screen lock can protect your phone from unsolicited access by locking it with a password.

A good advanced lock must play two roles, namely, screen-saver and locker. As a screen-saver, it prevents your apps from being accident access. Sometimes you will unexpectedly access some apps by accident touch; as a result, your battery will be drained out slowly. Or you give somebody a call without intention because your screen is unlocked. As a locker, it protects your private and personal info kept on your phone from being known by unauthorized access. Others can't access your phone unless they know your secure password. You don't need to worry about that your personal data will exposed even when your phone is stolen or lost because advanced lock can secure your phone.

After knowing how important the advanced lock is, now, we should learn how to choose an excellent one. Apart from the two points (screen-saver and locker) mentioned above, a good advanced lock should have the following features:

1. User-defined features. User must want their apps are unique and special. So this feature is very important;
2. It works well and does what it claims to accomplish;
3. Its user interface should be beautiful.

There is plenty of this kind of apps on android market. An app named Advanced Lock is one of them. It totally meets the above points.

First, it is a screen-saver and locker that designed for android device user. Second, its user-defined features are pretty good. User can customize background icon of the lock. The developer provided some beautiful images for user to choose. If you are discontented with all those images, you can select any customized image from your phone as background image. Plus, six different unlock buttons style are available to choose. Date, time and battery usage are still visible when your screen is locked.

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