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3 Very Important Issues To Deal With After A Divorce

By: Joe Sloan

Getting a divorce is a difficult time on parents and children. There are many issues that will arise and have to be settled as your divorce proceeds. A few of the thing I would like to discuss are the financial implications as you will always have that when you leave a two parent income back to a single income. This can be harder for parents than their children. There is also another main concern is with the time that each parent gets to spend with the child. I think this is a real concern for the children, we all know kids need and love attention. The other concern involves the relationship with the parents, they must find common ground and be able to get along for the child's sake.

The financial part will be worked out in court or the parents will agree on their own terms and the court will usually go along if parents are both in total agreement. The kids needs must be met first and then the parents will have to figure out and adjust to their new lifestyle, which can be very difficult at first. Down sizing is a good way to help financially with both parents. I think most of the time we all have many things we do not need or use.

I am a strong believer in both parents taking an active role in their child's life. This also can be greatly helped when the parents can still maintain a descent relationship. Kids watch these thing and pick up on them easily. When Parents get along and both are willing and want to spend time with their child, then things become much easier for both the parents and children.

To sum it up, parents get your finances right - whatever you have to do. Continue to spend time with your child, they will feel neglected and maybe resentful at you if you ignore them, they still want to be the most important thing in your life. We can show them by using our time wisely and spend it with our most valuable gift - our children. Lets all get along, it will make things so much easier for both sides if we do. This can be a very difficult task but it is the best for the family, so we must work at it as if our child's future depended on it.

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