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Will Belly Button Rings Lead Your Daughter To More Body Piercing?

By: Julie S. Montgomery

Belly button rings are increasing in popularity with young females. Not everyone likes this, especially not parents. Are navel piercings really that bad and will they encourage more of the same?

Getting your navel pierced to wear belly button rings is safer than it has ever been. Most tattoo studios offer body piercing of many kinds along with their amazing options for body artwork. These studios are usually state-regulated so that you can be assured the staff are professionals and the tools they use are sterile and safe. Even though most states prohibit body piercing or tattoos for those under 18, some will allow the procedure on those younger as long as the parent consents. However, there are a good number of reasons for a parent to hesitate in giving their permission.

A navel piercing is best done by a professional and requires diligent aftercare to avoid infection. If your teenager does not practice good hygiene in all areas of her life then she may not be ready for this step. The healing process for this one procedure can take up to a year, so she has to be patient and willing to wait before she dives into the variety of belly button rings available to her. And we all know patience is difficult when you are young.

As a parent, you may wonder if this first taste of body jewelry will encourage her to branch out to other areas. It is hard to say but it is something you should think about before you give your okay. How would you feel if your child pierced her eyebrow or nose or mouth? Will she stop at belly button rings?

There seems to be no end to places people will pierce and once your daughter is out on her own you can't control what she does. You may decide that letting her go through this one belly button rings procedure while she is still under your roof is a good idea. You can help her through the discomfort and healing process so she will make good choices later, on her own, about belly button rings and everything else.

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